MFE Programs & Classes

                               Married?  Thinking about getting  married?

                           Want your experience to match your expectations? 

                                Need this kind of resource in your church?


In growing marriages, couples understand the impact that Finances, Communication, Sex, In-Laws and Religion are having on their relationship. They are committed to working on these areas.


Ministries for Family Enrichment  has developed a “Planning for Successful Marriage” curriculum. In addition to considering other topics, it also explores the above five major potential problem areas and offers Biblical help that addresses each subject. The material is intended to be used cross culturally.


There are Leader’s Guides for the instructors and Couple’s Workbooks for the students. Instructors are encouraged to provide weekly handouts with discussion questions that relate to the subjects being considered. The objective is to encourage couples to PRIVATELY discuss the topics being considered.


The class sizes are intentionally kept small in order to allow for open and free discussion. Training seminars are available for pastors, missionaries and church leaders. These are scheduled by request through the MFE home office. Many of these classes have taken place in several countries and throughout the US.


In keeping with our worldwide ministry goals, MFE training classes have been scheduled in several foreign countries.


Weekly classes are conducted in Visalia, California, MFE “home base,” in the Fall, and in the Spring. These are held in a community building known as “210.”


Regularly scheduled classes are also offered in cooperation with Word of Life Christian Bookstore in South Central Los Angeles. This store services several hundred churches in the greater South Central area.


As MFE is a non-denominational ministry and is based on God’s Word. Pastors, missionaries and couples from a wide variety of denominations are taking advantage of this resource. 


If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of MFE coming into your area with training seminars, contact our MFE home office via email, mail or phone.