Planning for a successful Marriage

'Ministries for Family Enrichment'

Proven Biblical Solutions for Today's Families

The family CAN and MUST be saved!   It is the heart of our churches,
our communities AND it is one of God's best tools for reaching into this world
with the Gospel!
 MINISTRIES FOR FAMILY ENRICHMENT reaches out to couples with information and methods based on God's Family Book----the Bible!  We are about discipleship.  
MFE is committed to working with pastors, missionaries and church leaders in helping families to become all that God intended for them to be by:
* Equipping MEN to be the leaders their families need.
 * Encouraging WOMEN to find fulfillment in their God-given role.
 * Helping PARENTS to discover their children's true needs.
This is a world of computers and cell phones. We live in the information age. Yet --
so little is known about family life and our specific roles. MFE is committed to
furnishing couples with the tools they need to experience a successful marriage --
from God's viewpoint.
The family is the oldest and most important institution on planet earth! God created the family and designed how it was to be lived. He even used a family to bring His  Son into this world. But, in today's world, the family is under attack as never before.
Five major potential challenges facing couples and families are:

      "I personally believe that this ministry is one of the most positive forces in America  today to bring understanding to our communities."

                -  Local Pastor

   "We feel that your programme for family enrichment, since it is based upon biblical principles, is adaptable to any culture."

              - Seminary President

    "MFE's "Planning for Successful Marriage" is one of the best curriculums I have seen in my many years of ministry"

            - Missionary Statesman